Driving Lessons

At Learn 2 Drive we can offer a number of options to get you onto the road. You will have to hold a valid provisional driving licence before commencing lessons, however if you have applied for your license and waiting for it to come through, you can still book ahead of time.

Learn as you go


This is the way that most people have instruction, the traditional way of training taking lessons week by week.

You can be picked up or dropped off at home, college or work, depending on area. Lessons are normally 1 to 2 hours, although most pupils opt for the 2 hour option because they will get more time behind the wheel. Lessons follow the DVSA guidelines.

This method is the most flexible and allows for pupils changes in availability.

Refresher Lessons /Anxiety Stress Management Lessons

We can help new or experienced drivers to get back onto the road , after time away from driving, with a 'Refresher Course' we can tailor make lessons to get you back to driving. This may take just one or a series of lessons, but regardless of the length of time they may take, they will be conducted with the goal of putting you safely back onto the road with the confidence to deal with it.

Anxiety or Stress Management Lessons, are very much built around your individual needs. Again a programme will be developed to get you back onto the road safely with confidence. We are specialists in dealing with nervous and anxious pupils, new or experienced. Look at the nervous and anxious page to find out more about what we do and how we have helped.


If you need to get through to take your test quickly, this is for you.

You can take a number of options:

8 Hrs:  Normally used for those pupils who were/are close to their test but need an extra 'push'. Normally taken in one week.

24Hrs: Similar to the first option although more time will be spent identifying weakness and working to resolve this. This will include work on manoeuvres , building a drive independent of the instructor and experience in more challenging situations, so the pupil can gain confidence prior to test and driving as a qualified driver. This would normally be taken over a one to two week period.

40 Hrs: This option is usually for pupils who have very little or no experience, who have a need to get onto the road quickly. Starts with the basics and then builds to help the pupil drive independently ready to take the driving test. This course can be taken over one week, however this is intensive and can be hard going for some pupils. The course can be adapted to work over a one to four week period.

Other time options are available, however we tend to work around four or eight hour blocks. With breaks for personal comfort and lunch.

If you are not sure how many hours you are likely to need we can offer a two hour assessment, this will give us the opportunity to look at your ability identify weakness or lack of knowledge and then tailor the course to suit your needs.

Please be aware that at the end of the course if you have booked a test to correspond with the end of the course and the standard of driving is still not compatible with driving independently, the test may be cancelled.

We can usually time the courses so the finish with a test at the end of the course. Please be aware that practical driving tests are still conducted by the DVSA, so there will be an additional charge made by the DVSA for conducting the test.

Pass Plus

The Pass Plus Course is designed to take you beyond your driving test.

The Course comprises of six modules:

Urban Driving    Night Driving      Bad Weather    Rural Roads    Dual Carriageways    Motorways

The course is normally completed in three two hour sessions. The purpose to take you beyond the basic control of the car in pre-test situations. To understand that driving is a skill for life, and help you develop the skills taken from pre test lessons and apply them in more challenging situations. Some of the modules can be conducted as theory.