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There is no need to be scared or afraid of driving we can help.

' Nine months before i first met Tony, I had been involved in a serious car accident as a passenger. Although relatively uninjured in physical terms, my existing fears with car travel ballooned into a full blown phobia and started to have a significant impact on my mobility and quality of life.

From day one, Tony understood exactly where i was coming from and how i felt, and i immediately sensed that he understood my specific needs in a way that another instructor may not. The pacing of the lessons was spot on and i always felt the lessons were specifically tailored for me and my requirements.

I still felt anxiety before many of the lessons but never particularly during them, and indeed many of the lessons with Tony left me exhilarated and positive about the future.

Incredibly, just a few months later, i passed my driving test at the first attempt with just two minor faults. This is as much a testament to Tony's tuition as it is to my ability to drive and I'd like to thank him for helping me through what was in many ways a very difficult, yet important period of my life.

I wouldn't hesitate to recommend Tony to anyone who wants to learn to drive, or who can drive but may lack confidence.'         Terry Morgan Winchester

If your still not sure, of how we can help, here is an account of what its really like to go through driver training as an anxious pupil. The following blog has been written by one of our former pupils, Paul, who underwent training with us. It is a frank, unedited, lesson by lesson account of his learning experience with us. Its written in reverse chronological order, so scroll to the bottom of the blog to see everything from our first meeting onwards.

"I decided to take up driving again after 20 yrs  when my husband suddenly passed away which left me in a lonely place. To say i was nervous and anxious is mild, bearing in mind i had lost my son to a car accident which made me stop driving in the first place, I was a bit of a mess.

I found Tony at Learn2Drive in a local directory and it ticked all the right boxes. How right i was. He put me immediately at ease and allayed lots of my fears, and talked me through many a crisis. I went on to actually enjoy driving again, and it has opened up my life and given me freedom. Thanks to Tony and Learn2Drive, the best move i ever made."         Diane, Mansbridge

At Learn 2 Drive, we are not only driving instructors but also qualified NLP practitioners (Neuro-Linguistic Programming) which puts us into an effective place to help drivers, learner or qualified, overcome their nerves, anxiety or fears.

We can also use these techniques to help those people who suffer from stress or anger whist driving.

All to try to make driving a more pleasurable experience.

Almost everyone suffers some form of driving nerves prior to starting to drive or to taking their test, and we will normally work on techniques to minimise the effects of this during normal lessons.

But for those people who really suffer from any of the above conditions we can work with you on a one-one basis in or out of car to tackle the problems.

No one should have to fear getting in the car or of particular aspects of driving, traffic, tunnels, bridges, motorways etc.

What you can be certain of is that we will put you at ease, work at your pace to get you where you want to be. 

We can also provide support for those drivers who get troubled with stress or suffer anger whilst driving "road-rage".

All sessions are conducted on a one-one basis, in or out of car to assess the triggers which cause these problems and minimise them. All sessions are conducted in the strictest confidence. Sessions are tailored to suit individual need and last 1 to 2 hours.