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At Learn 2 Drive we can give you different options to start you driving. In all cases you will need to hold your provisional license. If you have applied for your license and just waiting for it to come through you can still book lessons ahead of time but you must have the license prior to the date that you start driving.

This is the way most people have instruction, the more traditional method of training. For many people the training finishes at their test with a few taking the Pass Plus course after the test (See courses).

You can be picked up and dropped off from work, college or home. Lessons can be 1 -2 hrs depending on needs, location and available time. Many people opt for the 2 hr option because they get more time behind the wheel and often complete their training in less hours overall. Lessons follow the DSA ( Driver Standards Agency) recommended syllabus.

This method also tends to suit those pupils who have had lessons before but never got to, or not got through, the test.

If you need to get through to take your test quickly, this is for you.

You can take a number of options:

8hrs normally used for those people who were/are close to their test but need an extra 'push'. Normally taken in one week.

24hrs similar to the first option but with more emphasis on individual weakness, manoeuvres, test routes. Normally taken in one week.

40hrs this is very much for those new to driving who have a real need to get through quickly. Starts with the basics and works through to preparing you for driving independently and passing your test. As the course is very intensive this can be taken over 1 or 2 weeks.

You can also train with a friend, even if you are at different stages. Which creates more fun, a safer environment and cheaper lessons........YOU CANT LOSE