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On this page you will find a number of questions we get asked the most, we hope it helps. Don't forget if you have a specific question we can answer it through the contact page.

Q: How long will it take to get me ready for my test?

A: All of us learn at different rates. As a rough guide it takes 2 hours of tuition for every year of age you are, ie 20 years old-40 hours tuition (source DSA) Although people can get to this point quicker or a lot slower. What can help a lot is private practice with friends or family when you have enough confidence and control.

Q: How do i choose a driving instructor?

A: One of the best places to start is recommendation.. ask friends and family...If this isn't possible have a look on our congratulations page at the recommendations from our pupils. Your instructor should be friendly, patient and lessons relaxed...but you should also be encouraged to learn, so a good instructor will push you a little so your experience and confidence grows.

Look for only a short time on the web and you will see a variety of prices...just because lessons may be cheap doesn't mean the service will be poor, just as the opposite applies. But remember you are paying for the lessons, if you are not getting what you believe you should be, you can always change..........

Q: I am really nervous about starting to drive?

A: Almost everybody is a little nervous at some time, driving. We will do everything we can to put you at ease and make it a fun, learning experience. If you are still not sure look on the nervous drivers page, and you will find that you are no where near as anxious as they are........and we help them too!!!!!

Q:  How soon can i start my driving lessons?

A: You can apply for your provisional licence prior to your 17th birthday, but can only start learning to drive on your birthday.(Except Mobility) Lots of pupils like to take a lesson on their birthday and we can help with that.

Q: Should i take an intensive course?

A: We can help with any type of intensive courses, but remember they are exactly that 'intensive'. Be prepared to get tired and have lots of information presented to you. It is probably not the best route if you are nervous, but if you want or need to get through quickly, don't mind hard work and have a sense of humour it can be great fun...........

Remember if you want to arrange for your test at the end of the course you should ensure you have passed your theory first.

Q: I am not sure whether i will cope with the gears, maybe i should go automatic?

A: Maybe so...but very few people have to go automatic because of control issues. We would always recommend you try with a manual car first. Remember if you pass your test in a automatic car you can only drive automatic cars, unless you take another test.