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Don't forget to check out your options in the driving lessons section.

If you need to get through to your test quickly this is for you.

8hrs normally used for those people who were/are close to their test but need an extra 'push'. Normally taken in one week.

24hrs similar to the first option but with more emphasis on individual weakness, manoeuvres, test routes. Normally taken in one week

40hrs this is very much for those new to driving who have a real need to get through quickly. Starts with the basics and works through to preparing you for driving independently and passing your test. As the course is very intensive this can be taken over 1 or 2 weeks.

Am I ready?  We will take you out prior to test and assess your driving. This is normally done over two hours. During the assessment you will be given support and guidance on those areas of skills which may need improvement. This would normally done 2 weeks prior to test, to give you time to work on weaker skills. This can be an excellent way of final preparation, if your later training has been conducted with friends or family. This can also be a useful way of preparing for your test if you have lost your licence on the six penalty point rule.

Supervising friends or family can be a daunting task. What seems to be a good idea at the time often turns into a scary driving experience for both of you and often descends into arguments.

We can help to make this a constructive learning experience which is enjoyable and rewarding for both of you.

Away from your pupil in a calm and safe environment,the course normally guides you through, what to look for, the traps and pitfalls, how to improve and assess your pupils skills. How to stay calm and collected. Don't worry you will not be treated as a learner: remember you have a wealth of experience which is valuable and we want to call on.

We also welcome potential supervisors sitting in on some lessons, with their pupils permission.

The course is normally run over 2 hours. This course will not only make you feel more secure but will also help understand your own driving style.

Remember that you must be at least 21 yrs old and have held your full license for 3 years to legally supervise a learner driver.

The pass plus course is designed to take you beyond your driving test.

The course comprises of six modules:

Urban Driving
Night Driving
Bad Weather Driving
Rural Roads
Dual Carriageways

This is normally completed in three, two hour sessions. The purpose of the course is to think beyond the basic controls of the car, rules and regulations.To understand that driving is a skill for life. Novice drivers attending the course can often attract a reduced insurance premium.

At Learn 2 Drive we can take you beyond your test to gain a greater understanding of driving. We use Institute of Advanced Motorists registered instructors for all training. So the experience is supervised under proffesional instruction.

Training can be provided on a one-one or one-two basis, and can be taken in your own vehicle if you so wish. This is an excellent way to iron out any habits that have been picked up over time, build sound driving skills for life and help prepare you for an advanced test should you wish.

Well now you can find out. Why not let us take you on a driving test on a real test route in real test conditions to see how you would manage.

The test would be marked according to the DSA's marking criteria and is a real 'eye-opener'. This can be done solo or as part of a group.

Group tests can be conducted as a party with feedback and prizes

Learn 2 Drive can offer a range of individual lessons to help with all aspects of driving.

Motorway Skills: 2 hours motorway driving for anyone new or not used to driving on motorways or to build confidence.

Manoeuvring Skills: 1 to 2 hours of coaching on reversing and parking. Used to build confidence, improve skills.

Defensive Driving: 2 hours of driving on various road types. Improving your skills to put you in the right place at the right time. Reducing risk, and increasing awareness.

Refresher Lessons: If you have not driven for a while or lack confidence we can provide tuition to get you back on the road. For most people this will probably only mean a few hours. Remember there is no need to be nervous as we specialise in turning anxious people into drivers.