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We would like to congratulate the following pupils on passing their driving test.

Mathew Gordon, Marchwood Passed 1st Time.

Danielle Parnelle, Totton, Passed 1st time.

Luke Hammond, Totton, Passed 1st time.

Tom, Hedge End. Passed 1st time.

Jenni Law, Eastleigh.

I"ve had a wonderful experience learning with Tony and with his help I managed to pass 1st time! He's friendly a good laugh and he's very patient, i definitely recommend him to new learners. So a big thank you to Tony for being a brilliant instructor!

Brogan, Cat, Kirsty and Nichole all passed first time!

Dan MacWilliam, Romsey passed first time.

Andy Witcher, Totton, passed first time.

Matt Hart, Totton, passed first time.

Kirsty Watts, Southampton< passed 1st time.

Tony. Thank you so much for teaching me to drive! When i first started lessons i never thought i would be able to drive a car, let alone feel at ease about it! Not only do you have the patience of a saint, but the ability to put up with my 'Kirsty Strops' and over emotional responses to every single little thing that went wrong! By explaining everything calmly and logically you got me through what was the steepest learning curve of my life! You are a brilliant teacher and adapted your teaching to a style which helped me learn, plus i was guaranteed a laugh in every lesson. I started even looking forward to my lessons! I passed my test first time with a reasonably low amount of minors and I'm out and about now. Thank you so much Tony!

Claire Richards, Shirley, passed first time.

'With Tony's help i was able to pass my theory and practical test first time within 3 months. He not only taught me how to control the car but how to control myself, giving me the tools to confidently pass my driving tests. Thanks Tony.'

Catherine Gillespie, Landford, passed first time.

Louise Carpenter, Totton, passed first time....1 minor!!

Shane Hunt, lordshill, passed first time.

Ryan, Lordhill passed 1st time.

Kim Francis, Calmore passed 1st time.

Louise Barker, Dibden passed first time!

When i started driving with Tony i knew nothing about driving. My experience with him has been a friendly one, he makes you laugh, will keep you feeling comfortable, so that you look forward to your lessons. Its obviously had a good outcome, since i passed first time along with 2 other friends of mine! Thanks Tony!!

Steph, Hounsdown, passed first time.

Richard, Redbridge, passed first time.

Merl, Southampton, passed 1st time.

Mike Clarke, Calmore, passed 1st time.

Jamie Gover, Rownhams, passed 1st time.

Sam, Calmore. Passed first time.......No Minors!!!

Kate Whyley, Bitterne. Passed first time.
"Taking lessons with Learn 2 Drive transformed my thoughts about driving. Tony has a great teaching style which considers the needs of the individual pupils, providing a proactive, relaxed, enjoyable learning experience." 

Emily Santry, Woodlands passed 1st time.

Shauna O Donnell, Hounsdown, passed first time. Shauna's sister Sabrina passed with us in 2007.

James Allan, Lordshill, passed first time.

Chris Jukes, Dibden, passed 1st time.

Alex James, Southampton, passed 1st time.

Laura Horner, Marchwood passed 1st time!
"My sister and I both passed 1st time. A fantastic instructor, Tony is the best, has a great sense of humour and is very patient."

Kira Jacobs, Totton, passed 1st time

Mark Lavelle, Totton, Passed 1st time

Sean Jones Nursling passed 1st time. Both his sisters passed 1st time also.
"great instructor makes you feel comfortable with driving and covers everything to help you be safe on the road"

Tim Mason-Hanbridge, Lordshill passed 1st time.

Emma Varty, Dibden, passed 1st time.
"Having learnt with Learn 2 Drive I am now a confident competant driver. When learning before my test I was taught in a way that let me move at my own pace in an un-pressured environment. After passing my test i went on to do the Pass Plus course to further my driving experience. I felt that the excellent start i was given, has given me a positive attitude to driving. "

Neil Markides,Dibden, passed 1st time.
"Tony is a reassuring, humorous and decent instructor who has helped me from the beginning stages of driving to passing my test 1st time . I hope to continue my driving with him by taking the Pass Plus course to gain more experience.I felt that Learn 2 Drive has helped me become a confident driver."